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Gabriela Hirt is an expressionist mixed media artist who tells stories of connection and separation through abstract, high contrast human figures. 

Dark drama and subliminal tension often reverberate in Gabriela’s paintings. Raised in post-war Germany in the wake of the Holocaust, her work is informed by family trauma as well as by the collective guilt she grew up with. Juxtaposing themes of segregation and exclusion with expressions of belonging and joy is the artist’s attempt to communicate the paradoxes she perceives in herself and in society. 


Gabriela uses strong colour, simplified forms and bold energetic marks to articulate inner emotional states as well as to invite questions of social justice. She likes to work large.


Rooted in her original career as a writer, Gabriela depicts whole narratives in which her stylized people interact. Faces are deliberately treated carelessly. The focus is on the language of the body which the artist deems not only more subtle, but also more genuine, particularly when it comes to social interactions. 


Gabriela’s desire to push the boundaries of awareness  — her own and that of viewers — sparks a process of radical experimentation. Works start with stream of consciousness writing followed by several layers of paint applied in large gestural movement to access somatic wisdom. Out of the chaos top layers are carefully composed, reflecting her fascination with the intersection between analytical inquiry and the intuitive. 



Inside Out, Art@ Bentall Gallery, Bentall Centre, Vancouver



Refuge, Group Exhibition, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Sooke Fine Arts Show, Sooke, BC

Summer Small Works, Massey Sales Gallery, Art Gallery, Victoria

Memorial. Monument. Movement. Artagainstracism.org, NJ

Somewhere in Time, Federation of Canadian Artists, Victoria

The Indelible Mark, solo show, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Abstracted, Federationgallery, Vancouver

Dreamscape, Gage Gallery, Victoria 



Winter Small Works, Massey Sales Gallery, Art Gallery, Victoria 

Crisis, Federationgallery, Vancouver

Looking in-Looking Out, Federation of Canadian Artists, Victoria

8 min & 46 sec, window-installation, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Challenge Crisis with Creativity, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Out of the Silence, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Summer Small Works online, Art Gallery, Victoria

Inside Out, 3-artists exhibition, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Summer Show & Sale, Victoria Arts Council, Victoria

Social Distancing online, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver

CLWAC 123rd Exhibition of Women's Art, The National Arts Club, NY City

Abstracted, Federationgallery, Vancouver



Solstice Dreams - The Poetry of Winter, Gage Gallery, Victoria

Winter Small Works, Massey Sales Gallery, Art Gallery, Victoria

All Planet Earth Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Online

The Oak Bay Studio Tour, Victoria

Sidney Fine Arts Show, Sidney, BC

Sooke Fine Arts Show, Sooke, BC

TD Gallery Paint-In, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria



Sidney Fine Arts Show, Sidney, BC



2022 - The Postcard Climate Project & Show, international participation, show in Victoria

2020 - Challenge Crisis with Creativity, project & show, Victoria